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Workout Challenge
Published on Jan 10, 2017
So why did I decide to talk about body weight on my today's post? It's because I've heard a lot of people ask me how do I maintain the same size year in year out, despite having good genes, I make sure I keep it on track too. I have a couple of exercises that I do to help me out. I started 10 days please chack out from day 1 to 10 and don't forget to share subscribe and like the channel. Just click the video.
My holiday outfit selection 
Published on Dec 23, 2016
  Dress to kill find the best outfit that is unique and most attractive to the eye, velvet short dress. A lot of people were impressed with the white top. I will list the contact point on my channel The Cozy Me
How to Look Sexy
I wanted to show you my sexy look, it's that time of the year when the only thing that will make you happy is something warm at least for me. Thigh high boots it is, even if you are going to have that little black dress of yours this style will still keep you warm.
My Velvet Dress

Create different Looks From One Outfit.

You can have that sexy evening dress of yours and turn it into a stylish street outfit. Most people think that the street look is all about a large t-shirt with a boyfriend jeans.

Dress To Kill.

It's interesting when you learn something new, I love colors  green is one of them yet I had no idea what it meant, all I knew is green is associated with nature, later with time  I came to learn that it's the symbol of a rebirth, balance, and progress. I love this dress for many reasons and am sure you will love it too if I tell you that...

Dexify your face

Detoxification is important to our body, only that we forget to add the routine to our skin too, you want to look young and with a glowing skin then try a facial detox. I have this two products that will help you a lot if you have oily skin and struggling with acne.