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I have loved fashion from ever since I can remember. The feeling of all the different materials on my skin, the textures and smells, all awaken my senses and inspire me to be creative so as to create the best possible combinations with what it is I have available at any given time.
The excitement, confidence and feeling of invincibility that a well-thought outfit gives me is what I strive for every morning when I get up to start my day.

Although the passion has always been there, I had never really thought of entering this world because of a successful career path in another field. However, the instances of being stopped on the street to be asked if I was in the industry or to be complimented on my appearance had begun to add up, which made me think the universe was trying to tell me something. Being an approachable person that greatly enjoys interesting conversation, it isn’t hard to see why I needed to express my passion.

   So here I am!

I would love for all of you to follow me on this journey of self-improvement through not only fashion but anything that makes our lives better, whether it’s nutrition, exercise, or reading a self-improvement book. The Cozy Me motto is “Be More, Feel More, Give More” which I think perfectly reflects the belief that by elevating ourselves we become better, so our perception becomes better, thus giving back in surplus to ourselves, our loved ones, our community.

Oh, one last thing before I forget: Be prepared to see a lot of colors on this site and the rest of my media
outlets. I LOVE colors, so follow me and you will never feel depressed or anxious ever again! Although black and gray are great, and will be featured here from time to time, don’t expect to see them much. I definitely prefer open, vivid hues as they make me feel alive, happy and positive. The Cozy Me is for people who wants to embrace change and challenge themselves stylistically and spiritually. Negativity   has never been my cup of tea.

Let’s all connect on this new journey and see to which new and exciting places it will take us!
       Be More Feel More Give More.

                 Love To All,

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