Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

We prepare a sumptuous dinner for you!

Choose your favorite Holiday clothes here!

Happy Tuesday! Take advantage of a wonderful Christmas promo! If you have any sisters, or mothers in need some some cute threads. I just got my mom a mint green parka (I already own myself) It is Amazing, so soft and warm! So, check it out babes! :)

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Retro vibes

Retro vibes

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First actual video..

Hi! So, kinda of confusing, but this is actually my 1st video, but, I had uploading issues, so made and uploaded the other one first. haha, pain in the butt, but, finally here it is! :)

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I Made a VIDEO!!!

I made a video, haha it is a little rushed. I was so nervous. I am pretty excited about it though. Now I just have to work up the nerve to do more, and talking ones as well..Yikes!! haha Enjoy :)

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My first Dye job!

Hello!!! Over the weekend, my friend Eva was really in desperate need for a change. No one could get her in for a cut, so she decided she wanted to change her color. She asked me to help, so I ended up doing a red to fuschia ombre. I think we are both super pleases with the results.

(used loreal high color in red & ion dye in fuschia at the ends)



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FOTD quickie :)

Hello all. It feels like I’ve been away forever. I have had a rough week (funeral and 2 of my pet brids were killed :'() That being said, I need to get out of the funk, and what better way than to blog :)

I recently purchased 6six6 from melt cosmetics, which, I LOVE, but, now I must get every other color as well. So here is a face of the day. (lips of the day-I am not wearing at its darkest potential fyi) for you!



on face:

of course Melt 6six6-lips (website)

stila natural foundation topped with rimmel stay matte

mac medium bronzer for contour

lashes-maybelline volume express (amazing lower lash brush)

eyes lorac pro palette black slate, black, & white

liner is NYX black gel liner

eyebrows-anastasia brow whiz drk brown

eyelashes are house of lashes-temptress (buy here)

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beat the rush!

Refresh The View Before Black Friday!

Beat The Rush!

Buy 2 Get 1 60% Off

Hello Everyone!! Sorry for the distant posting. There was some personal issues. Anyway. Here is a promo for sheinside for before black friday! Hopefully you can find some sweet items and great deals!!! Happy wednesday! :)

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