The Little Buffalo Apple festival

Hello Everyone! This weekend was the annual Apple Festival at Little Buffalo State Park and of course, I have to go every year! Free samples of apple cider, warm apple butter, and different flavors or corn bread (pumpkin was AMAZING) Apart from that, they have a booth that sells hot soups, hot dogs/sausages, cider and other items. Also a table with baked goods. I ended up going home with a jar of apple butter, Apple crisp, and of course pumpkin pie. The chicken corn soup was amazing as well!


mill unnamed cider applefest

My wonderful friends Jackie and Vickie went along as well. I loved all the little old ladies asking if I knit my own scarf and loving the purple hair. So sweet :)

unnamed unnamed

It really is not a huge festival, more like a small gathering with some munchies and music. I still love it though, especially with all the leaves on the ground and some good company, and a great location close to home. It is a great way to start off Fall!

The lady friends also have blogs as well. :) check them out

 Vickie is the blonde: Eviedoes

Jackie is the redhead: Jaysnowie

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Just thinking of FALL

add a caption

I really love this season, more than any other season. Especially on rainy days like today, all I want is a warm comfortable bed, maybe a fireplace (although it is a tad warm here for that at the moment) Some chai tea or delicious warm beverage, perhaps some snacks that have a spice to them. .

Mmm...glitterfall | via Tumblr

Even just hanging out indoors with friends, doing some fall pumpkin painting or carving. I wish there was fall music, kind of like Christmas music but for Halloween (although Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack should do just fine) Or if you want to mellow it down, perhaps some mellow do-wop would do the trick, or some soul music. Maybe even jazz, or classical, whatever suits your fancy.

I sogni sono la mia realtà

How about a fall picnic? Load up the car, blankets, wine, cheeses, fruits, and crackers, and drive to the nearest park (if it is far, then you get a bonus colorful road trip) .

I am super excited for this weekend. (Jackie comes home!!). It is also the annual Apple festival at Little Buffalo State park, so of course some girlfriends and I will be attending. They have delicious corn soup, deserts, free samples of cider and fresh warm apple butter they churn in the Old mill. I plan to take my camera and photograph the event so stay tuned for that. Countown 3 days-jackie 4 days-apple festival, then the following weekend Gettysburg trip!!!! Happy Fall season to everyone!!!

(all photos from

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New items! <3 Carnival time on sheinside

Fashion Lovers


3 Gifts For You !

Full Of Surprises!

1,Aha!Spooky Deal!(Oct8-Nov.2)

2,OMG!Endless Surprises!(Nov.3-Dec.1)

3,Whoopee! Upcoming 2015(Dec.2–Jan.3,2015)

I really this this is my number one, favorite Sheinside promotion. Halloween!!! I did a skim through, and Already have so many items wishlisted!! Check it out. Maybe you’ll find something you need for Halloween!! :)

I have never been so excited for a sheinside purchase than this jacket and sweater (previous post HERE includes links)I love this sweater so much I need it in the white w/ black stripes as well. I should take better photos but, I was antsy haha.


necklace HERE

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Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Hello! Happy Tuesday. This is one of those weeks that are draaaagggiinnnggg. My wonderful friend Jackie (her blog Here) is coming to visit from Colorado and I am super excited. So many fall plans. I am hoping we can figure out how to put together some kind of Fall Lookbook or video of some sort anyway. Maybe even a Halloween tutorial. (No hints yet to what I will be, all I will say is that its in the making)

Ok, so what this post is actually about, not me rambling about my excitement… Look Fantastic Beauty box. The website has TONS of products, but I like the beauty boxes (I like being surprised) The box they have is $25. I think it was a great deal for everything I got. The box does sell out fast though, and I had to wait quite a while for mine (almost a month). It didn’t bother me though, not like I was in desperate need for products haha :) So here is what it included and I have tried all so I included my opinion of them:


Loreal pro-keratin shampoo & conditioning treatment- smells good, works pretty good. I did notice it felt like  my hair was little bit like it had build up.

KMS California – quick blow dry spray- I really never tried a quick dry spray, but, I actually really liked this and it did seem like I did not need to blow dry as long :)

Balance me- face line filler- I used under makeup and it worked well. I didn’t see any miracles but it did the job acting as a primer.

Gatineau Paris- Collegene Expert- I really liked this. I have very oily skin and it seems every thing makes me oily, this did not, and was very smooth.

Korres- Citrus Shower gel- This was, different. It works great, and smells great…Smells great as in kind of musky and manly, but I don’t know about any other ladies but sometimes I kind of like that manly scent once in a while. It is great for fall though, and if you want to feel woodsy haha.

Sleep plus- pillow spray- Of course this smells like lavender, Which is the well known scent for sleep and relaxation. It smells amazing on my pillow. I didn’t really notice a difference in how I slept, but it relaxed me for sure.


So all together, I did like all the products. The only one I wasn’t thrilled with was the loreal hair products but my hair is finicky so that did not surprise me. It may just be me as well, not saying your hair wouldn’t love it. Everyone has different hair types. :)

Here is the LookFantastic website. There are soo many products on the site.  I will be repurchasing another box though for sure. :)

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FOTD sunburst!

Good morning! I wanted to change it up a little bit today, although I didn’t give myself much time to actually do my makeup haha. This took me about 10 minutes so it is a little sloppy, but still not bad for 6am makeup.


Face: Nars sheer glow, Rimmel stay matte finish powder, Milani baked blush, Mac medium bronzer for contour

Eyes: BH cosmetics Aphrodite(galaxy palette) and Malibu (California collection) E.L.F gel liner, ardell wispies, calvin klein mascara, Anastasia brow pencil

lips: Sallys brand lip liner in neutral.

shirt is forever 21(sold out :()

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Makeup job for friend.

Hi! My friend Stacy is leaving next monday to get married in Vegas and came to me to get some face looks for on her trip. This is what we have done so far. This was my first time really doing make on anyone besides myself. It was so odd, but, I am happy with the outcome for my first go at it :) The first look,  kept it pretty simple. Just did a Black wing, neutral lips and lids.


The second look we kicked it up a notch. We did a gold smokey-ish eye with a black wing as well and some bright red lips. Obviously she was pretty easy to do makeup on because she is gorgeous to begin with. :)

stacy stacy1

She had her foundation all ready for me by the time I arrived, but these are the products I used on her.

look 1: Eyeliner – E.L.F liquid liner, lashes-ardell 116, naked 1 palette in vigin and buck for the crease and brows. Lips- natural lip pencil from sally’s beauty supply (also makes a great dupe for MAC-whirl, a Kyle Jenner/90’s colors lip pencil)

look 2: Naked 1 palette used buck, virgin, half-baked, smog & dark horse. Liner is NYX gel with a cilicone brush. Lashes are NYX wispie style (I reccomend sticking with ardell wisps, didn’t care for these) Benefit lash glue. Lips- Nyx lipliner in plum and lipstick in 511.

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Happy FRIDAY! Finally!! Its been a long week. It went surprisingly quick though which was nice. So, Its friday, the weather is getting cooler (in PA anyway) the leaves are changing, what better way to spend a friday night than listening to slow tunes and taking a nice long relaxing bath? Skip goin out, forget the hustle and stress. RELAX. I would like to give some bathsporation.

What you need:

A tub, candles, music, yummy smelling bath stuff, flower petals, anything in your tub that you love!


I have a playlist on spotify just for these situations.  Here are a few of my faves:

Lana del rey- Carmen

Muse- Unintended

Fiona Apple- Shadowboxer

Massive Attack- Paradise Circus

Blouse-Into Black

Karen Elson-The Ghost who walks

Mazzy Star- Fade into you

Charlotte Gainsbourg- Hey Joe

Anna Calvi-I’m the man that will find you (vid below)

As far as scents for the tub, Lush has tons of amazing products. Here

Enjoy your Friday evening!! :)

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