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Old Sledworks & Bedford street antiques

Happy Tuesday! It has been very hectic lately trying to squeeze in all the fun activities while Jackie is home. One of our favorite things are antique stores. 2 of our favorites being The Old Sledworks in Duncannon PA, and Bedford street antiques in Carlisle PA. Saturday we ended up driving to Gettysburg for cupcakes from The Gettysburg cupcake Cafe (their website) , and did a quick walk around the town. The hour drive is totally worth these amazing, melt in your mouth cupcakes too. The salted caramel is my favorite so far! Not to mention the place is adorable, and also has lunch panini’s.

cafecupcake cafe


If you ever go to Gettysburg, you need these for your sweet tooth. I don’t even have a sweet tooth and these are amazing. It takes me about 2 or 3 days to even get through one as well.

Some other photos of our trip. I didn’t take many photos, which I knew I should have, but I was more concerned about having fun with my lady friends :)


From there we went to Bedford Street antiques. We arrived around 4 and they were having a 25th anniversary party from 6-9 so I actually went back later. For their anniversary they had a Jazz band, little sandwiches, wine, beer, cookies, and other finger foods. It was a really great time. We found a few gems as well. I am addicted to old hats with netting on them so of course I had to get one, and jewelry.  They have a dispay they change throught the year, of course it is Halloween now, and they really did an amazing job. It was sooo CREEPY! I loved it!! Here are a few things we loved from Bedford Street and some photos. I want the silver tea set so bad, but it was quite pricey, so I unfortunately had to walk away, for now.




The weekend before we actually went to the sledworks (website) and they as well have a whole booth of holiday items, which change through the season. I wanted to buy their whole Halloween & Christmas booth!! I also found some amazing rings totaling $9!


It really has been a great few weekends. This weekend is Halloween, So I am sure Jackie and I will have some great photos. So far, I have 2 ideas and I think she has quite a few herself, so stay tuned for some makeup and outfit posts!

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Cozy day

Cozy day
Hello, is it friday yet!! Its been a while since I made a polyvore set.  It is based on where I would rather be right now, on a Velvet couch with a fuzzy throw, some candles, surfing the net, maybe watching some youtube tutorials and shopping on the laptop… Yea… Definitely what I wish I was doing at the moment :) I use a lot of Urban outfitters, what can I say, I love their stuff. Not only clothes, but home good. It is a one stop shop, even carrying beauty products. I love it. I could live actually in the store, it is always set up so adorable. Obviously, I need to do some shopping! :)
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Ribbon Mill wedding, FOTD & OOTD

Hello! Over the weekend I attended my brothers friends wedding at a cute little place called The Ribbon Mill (Website HERE) If you are in the Carlisle area and want a quaint adorable place, this really is lovely. It is an old building, brick walls, wood floors. It is just such a cute place.


Her color scheme was really pretty as well, different shades of green and cream with the burlap, was a very cozy, rustic style wedding.

It was my brother friend, so I went as their date. We had a great group of people at our table as well. Could not have asked for a better time at a wedding. Here are some photos of the fun times, my makeup, and my outfit.

weddingmakeup weddingmakep

On my face

Nars sheer glow foundation, Rimmel stay matte powder, Milani baked blush, two-faced chocolate bronzer for contour, Maybelline concealer

eyes: lorac primer, naked 1 palette (sin, toasted, hustle, and virgin) Nyx gel liner, calvin klein mascara. brows-anastasia brow pencil. Lashes-ardell wispies

lips: Mac liner in Whirl and mac lipstick in Myth

set my face with urdan decay all nighter spray.

(I love retrica for editing photos and if you notice my eye looks pink, it is because it is. Allergies= me scratching them=red haha)


My dress is the floral mesh lace dress. They still carry on the free people website, although this color(navy) is sold out. HERE are the available colors on the website. If you are like me though, I hate paying full price for things and can usually find them cheaper. I actually got mine off ebay for around $50.


Of course my wonderful brothers and great people we shared a table with for the evening. We are quite the group haha!!


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Cartoon world!

Welcome To The World Of Cartoons!

25% OFF for the cartoons apparels!


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This is a super cute promo, all items are cartoons! The cat shirts are my favorite by far, but I don’t think you can ever go wrong in a Micky sweater! Sheinside rarely disappoints me though (unless it doesn’t fit :() Anyhoo, check it out! :) Maybe you’ll find something cute with an old favorite cartoon you used to or currently watch!

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The Little Buffalo Apple festival

Hello Everyone! This weekend was the annual Apple Festival at Little Buffalo State Park and of course, I have to go every year! Free samples of apple cider, warm apple butter, and different flavors or corn bread (pumpkin was AMAZING) Apart from that, they have a booth that sells hot soups, hot dogs/sausages, cider and other items. Also a table with baked goods. I ended up going home with a jar of apple butter, Apple crisp, and of course pumpkin pie. The chicken corn soup was amazing as well!


mill unnamed cider applefest

My wonderful friends Jackie and Vickie went along as well. I loved all the little old ladies asking if I knit my own scarf and loving the purple hair. So sweet :)

unnamed unnamed

It really is not a huge festival, more like a small gathering with some munchies and music. I still love it though, especially with all the leaves on the ground and some good company, and a great location close to home. It is a great way to start off Fall!

The lady friends also have blogs as well. :) check them out

 Vickie is the blonde: Eviedoes

Jackie is the redhead: Jaysnowie

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Just thinking of FALL

add a caption

I really love this season, more than any other season. Especially on rainy days like today, all I want is a warm comfortable bed, maybe a fireplace (although it is a tad warm here for that at the moment) Some chai tea or delicious warm beverage, perhaps some snacks that have a spice to them. .

Mmm...glitterfall | via Tumblr

Even just hanging out indoors with friends, doing some fall pumpkin painting or carving. I wish there was fall music, kind of like Christmas music but for Halloween (although Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack should do just fine) Or if you want to mellow it down, perhaps some mellow do-wop would do the trick, or some soul music. Maybe even jazz, or classical, whatever suits your fancy.

I sogni sono la mia realtà

How about a fall picnic? Load up the car, blankets, wine, cheeses, fruits, and crackers, and drive to the nearest park (if it is far, then you get a bonus colorful road trip) .

I am super excited for this weekend. (Jackie comes home!!). It is also the annual Apple festival at Little Buffalo State park, so of course some girlfriends and I will be attending. They have delicious corn soup, deserts, free samples of cider and fresh warm apple butter they churn in the Old mill. I plan to take my camera and photograph the event so stay tuned for that. Countown 3 days-jackie 4 days-apple festival, then the following weekend Gettysburg trip!!!! Happy Fall season to everyone!!!

(all photos from

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