FOTD quickie :)

Hello all. It feels like I’ve been away forever. I have had a rough week (funeral and 2 of my pet brids were killed :’() That being said, I need to get out of the funk, and what better way than to blog :)

I recently purchased 6six6 from melt cosmetics, which, I LOVE, but, now I must get every other color as well. So here is a face of the day. (lips of the day-I am not wearing at its darkest potential fyi) for you!



on face:

of course Melt 6six6-lips (website)

stila natural foundation topped with rimmel stay matte

mac medium bronzer for contour

lashes-maybelline volume express (amazing lower lash brush)

eyes lorac pro palette black slate, black, & white

liner is NYX black gel liner

eyebrows-anastasia brow whiz drk brown

eyelashes are house of lashes-temptress (buy here)

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beat the rush!

Refresh The View Before Black Friday!

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Hello Everyone!! Sorry for the distant posting. There was some personal issues. Anyway. Here is a promo for sheinside for before black friday! Hopefully you can find some sweet items and great deals!!! Happy wednesday! :)

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I ended up doing 3 total costumes this year for Halloween!! I am so indecisive, so once I do one thing, I have to try something different the next time. I had 3 event, sooo, 3 costumes. I already posted the one I did for work (Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice) Then, friday night, my friend and I went to a bar (not really my cup of tea) I wanted to win the contest there as well, and ended up doing a demon/devil/zombie haha. The makeup look was inspired by Samantha of Batalash. Those girls really do amazing makeup. So creative, and I love watching their videos on youtube. Mine is not near as good as hers but, I was happy with it.


demon1 demonwitch haoutfit

The second was a friends party. We always do dress up, costume parties, not just for halloween. New years, birthdays etc… we just like to dress up! So for that, I was Marie Antoinette, and Jackie was a clown. I really loved this costume/makeup. I wish I could look like this every day. I actually liked it better when I took the hair down, and my lashes off. I wish I had done that from the beginning! I would put all my products but there were really a ton, and half I jsut grabbed and used. :)



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Happy Tuesday. New promotion from sheinside, for Thanksgiving. 25% off orders $50 or more!  check it out! :)

Thanksgiving day is coming!

Do not stop your steps of Thanksgiving!

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Happy Halloween!!

I love this time of year!!! I decided to go as Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice. Every year we have a work contest and I won first! I used the spirit green paint, and to be honest, if I had to do it again, I would try something else. It was great as far as not smearing easily, but hard to make smooth and sinks in the skin fast, so you have to work fast with it. I also think it was a tad to dark for the character. Oh well. I still think it turned out pretty good for a first shot, and it took about an hour n a half to do. My grandmother helped me sew the costume together, but all materials and dress, wig, tulle was off ebay!


MISSA2 MISSAA IMG_20141031_090730434 (2) miss arg MISSA

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New Sheinside promotion, this week only!! Also if you blog, check out their publish program. It has some nice perks to it for sure. At the moment is a sweater giveaway!! check it out :):)

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Old Sledworks & Bedford street antiques

Happy Tuesday! It has been very hectic lately trying to squeeze in all the fun activities while Jackie is home. One of our favorite things are antique stores. 2 of our favorites being The Old Sledworks in Duncannon PA, and Bedford street antiques in Carlisle PA. Saturday we ended up driving to Gettysburg for cupcakes from The Gettysburg cupcake Cafe (their website) , and did a quick walk around the town. The hour drive is totally worth these amazing, melt in your mouth cupcakes too. The salted caramel is my favorite so far! Not to mention the place is adorable, and also has lunch panini’s.

cafecupcake cafe


If you ever go to Gettysburg, you need these for your sweet tooth. I don’t even have a sweet tooth and these are amazing. It takes me about 2 or 3 days to even get through one as well.

Some other photos of our trip. I didn’t take many photos, which I knew I should have, but I was more concerned about having fun with my lady friends :)


From there we went to Bedford Street antiques. We arrived around 4 and they were having a 25th anniversary party from 6-9 so I actually went back later. For their anniversary they had a Jazz band, little sandwiches, wine, beer, cookies, and other finger foods. It was a really great time. We found a few gems as well. I am addicted to old hats with netting on them so of course I had to get one, and jewelry.  They have a dispay they change throught the year, of course it is Halloween now, and they really did an amazing job. It was sooo CREEPY! I loved it!! Here are a few things we loved from Bedford Street and some photos. I want the silver tea set so bad, but it was quite pricey, so I unfortunately had to walk away, for now.




The weekend before we actually went to the sledworks (website) and they as well have a whole booth of holiday items, which change through the season. I wanted to buy their whole Halloween & Christmas booth!! I also found some amazing rings totaling $9!


It really has been a great few weekends. This weekend is Halloween, So I am sure Jackie and I will have some great photos. So far, I have 2 ideas and I think she has quite a few herself, so stay tuned for some makeup and outfit posts!

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